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Introducing the first commercially-grown Canadian Sweet Lupin


Lupin Platform Inc.
Lupin Platform Inc.

The Magic of Sweet Lupin

Canada's Newest Superfood

As the global demand for plant-based protein and derived ingredients continue to grow, it presents a unique opportunity for Canada.

Sweet Lupin is a new commercial pulse crop to North America, offering significant economic, environmental, and health benefit opportunities. Lupin contains among the highest protein and dietary fibre contents of any crop,  while still low in starch, making it an ideal choice for health conscious consumers. 

Sweet Lupin offers significant production advantages for farmers due to active nitrogen-fixers that impart a high nitrogen legacy for following crops.

The objective is to establish a Lupin ecosystem in Canada, from  sustainable farming to producing safe food for consumers. 

Our commitment is to increase the value of lupin for producers through to end-users by a closed loop, vertically integrated lupin ecosystem in Canada.

Complete Nutritional Profile

A powerhouse of goodness, lupins contain 3x more plant protein than quinoa, 3x more fibre than oats, 3x more antioxidants than berries, three times more potassium than bananas — and three times more iron than kale.


Lupin Platform Inc.
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Lupin Platform Inc.
Lupin Platform Inc.

The first Commercially Grown Lupin in Canada

There are more than 280 species of lupin with the main cultivated species being white lupin (Lupinus albus), the yellow lupin (Lupinus luteus), and the blue lupin (Lupinus angustifolius). Of the three, white lupin is marketed internationally as sweet lupin; however, the correct acknowledgement should relate to the low alkaloid levels within the seed. Alkaloid level ranging between 0.01% – 0.03% is considered as “sweet” lupin where “bitter” lupin contains 0.8% – 0.9% alkaloids.

Lupin Platform Inc grows Sweet White Lupin and Sweet Blue Lupin in Canada for our food and feed users.

The best Sweet lupin genetics for Canadian growing conditions

Several sweet lupin varieties have been exclusively licensed by Lupin Platform Inc.  This has provided the company with a strong starting base for agronomic performance and BMP in Alberta, and Manitoba.

A closed loop production system using Best Management Practices for seed production will be established to monitor and minimize the presence of alkaloids and to ensure controlled and steady growth of the crop to meet end market demands. Based on previous research data on yield and protein percent:

White Lupin Platform Inc.

White (Sweet) Lupin

White (sweet) lupin has very high protein at 38% – 41%, which makes it ideal for both value-add protein ingredient and for functional food applications. White lupin tends to have higher yield and has higher oil contents than blue lupin. Nitrogen fixing capabilities will be an added benefit to the farmers for sustainable farming practice.

Blue Lupin Platform Inc.

Narrow-Leaved Blue (Sweet) Lupin

Alberta Agriculture research with narrow leaved (sweet) blue lupin indicates production can be competitive to peas once growers develop experience with the crop. Blue lupin also has very high protein at 35% – 38%, which makes it ideal for both food and feed applications. Its resistance to Aphanomyces root rot will be a huge benefit along with its Nitrogen fixing capabilities for sustainable farming practice.

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A powerhouse food

High protein, high fibre and packed with nutrition, sweet lupins are a true superfood.

Compared with other legumes, sweet lupins are lower in calories, but higher in nutrients including thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, and zinc.

Not only are sweet lupins much lower in carbs, sweet lupins are also one of the richest sources of plant protein and fibre (at least twice as much as other legumes) while also providing a good course of all nine essential amino acids, and other beneficial antioxidants and cholesterol-lowering phytosterols.

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Lupin Platform Inc.


Versatile & Nutritious

Sweet lupins are gluten-free,  packed with nutrition and are incredibly versatile. Available as pulses, flour or flakes, they’re a superfood from breakfast to supper time.

Sweet lupins are a perfect choice for food consumption, such as ice cream, bars, snacks, drinks, tofu, bread, noodles, cheese, and yogurt, etc.

Research supports that sweet lupins are well positioned to be North America’s next superfood.

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Keto Diet

Sweet lupin is devoid of starch but uniquely high in protein and fiber which makes them ideal for keto recipes. Lupin-enriched foods can also help assist with weight loss.

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Vegan Choice

Replacing even just a small amount of wheat flour with sweet lupin flours has been shown to lower blood pressure and insulin sensitivity.

Lupin Platform Inc.

Complete Nutritional Profiles:

Adding sweet lupin flake can not only make baked products look fantastic but considerably more nutritious. Just substituting 20% of your normal flour with sweet lupin flake in your bread can increase protein by 54%, fiber by 340% while reducing the glycaemic load (carbs), and energy density (by 32%).

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