About Lupin Platform Inc


About Lupin Platform Inc.

Lupin Platform Inc. (LPI) is a Calgary-based agri-business focusing on creating a vertically integrated lupin value chain in Canada from the Seed to Fork. LPI’s key strength lies in the ability to complete the fully integrated supply chain of the seed distribution rights, 15 plus years of cultivation know-hows, the most advanced processing trade secrets on plant-based lupin protein and other bi-products, and the ability to tab into local and international distribution chains.

About Lupin Platform Inc.
About Lupin Platform Inc.
About Lupin Platform Inc.

Our Story

The Story of Lupin in Canada began in early 2000 when Dr.Stan Blade from the Alberta Agriculture and Forestry met with Dr. Peter Romer at the conference in Poland that narrow leaf sweet blue lupin may have a fit in Alberta’s growing conditions. From then, a few different varieties were sent to Alberta and a group of scientists gathered for further agronomic research.

In the Mid-2000 with the economics of lupin production didn’t quite work out due to unfamiliarity of the usage and narrow demands specific to aquaculture for feed. Fast forward 15 years we now have higher yielding new genetics that have between 35 – 40% protein and the market is welcoming new plant protein sources to meet the ever increasing demand.

Transitioning from research to actual business journey, Lupin Platform Inc. is a Canadian venture focusing on developing the complete lupin value chain from seed licensing to value-added ingredients for food making in Canada. Based on the exploring spirit of Dr. Stan Blade, LPI seeks to continue not only the varietal research but also in value-added protein fractionation, protein quality assessment, food functionality research, and lupin based product development.

Closing The Loop

Several high-yielding sweet lupin varieties have been secured from European breeders and the seed multiplication has begun with several key seed growers in Canada. A closed-loop system will guarantee the quality and purity of the grain being produced and sold to the World. Export markets have been secured in the feed business and intentions are to develop the lupin feed market in North America. Considerable interest is coming domestically and from the US for the value-added products that are part of the growth projections.

With the support from the Canadian government’s commitment to supporting the lupin initiatives, we are thrilled to take the lead in creating the ‘lupin ecosystem in Canada from the seed to fork’.

About Lupin Platform Inc.

Meet The Lupin Platform Team

Tristan Choi

CEO of Lupin Platform Inc.

Tony Chung

Audit Committee Chairman

Alphonsus Utioh, P. Eng

Director of Lupin Protein Development

Tuan Tony Le

Director of Business Development, Asia Pacific

Rani Lorenzetti, Msc.

Food Process Technologist

Hayley Yoo

Executive Administrator

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