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Conclusion Field selection Cereal stubble is preferred Plant on soils < pH 7.8, with low CCE , salinity and high organic matter(4% or more) Do not select fields for seed near beehives (outcrossing) Avoid fall rye and broadleaved crop stubble such as canola Watch herbicide residues from weed control products used on previous crops Extremely […]


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The use of a desiccant is required to aid, the slow and uneven ripening of this crop. Beware of the “green limbo land” with white lupin. Do not use glyphosate pre-harvest as a desiccant as it does not work well on white lupin and affects seed germination (seed growers). Application of Reglone (diquat) should occur […]


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Blister beetles (Lytta spp. and Epicauta spp.) have been found to be preferential feeders on lupin speciesHost plants include alfalfa, canola, faba bean, sweet clover, caragana and vetches Slender black, metallic colored beetles (12-25 mm in length) are easily spotted Often cluster on lupin in June and July of the year Feeding damage caused by […]


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Soil Borne Root Rot Disease Complex of Rhizoctonia solani , Pythium spp., and Fusarium spp. which are found to affect many pulses, affect lupin as well. lengthening crop rotations between susceptible pulse species to reduce inoculum build up is a foundational tool for managing many of the root rot complex diseases. depending on the specific […]


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Nitrogen is by far the most important nutrient and is required by all crops grown. It is the basis for protein content in seed. As with all pulse crops, with proper inoculation comes a well nodulated root system which is able to meet the majority of the lupin crop’s nitrogen requirements. There is some scientific […]

Weed Control

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Start with a healthy, competitive crop (right seeding date, depth, plant population and fertility) With the field selection of a cereal stubble to plant into, hard to kill weeds should have been taken care of in the previous crop Do not assume herbicide products used on field pea, faba bean or lentil will work safely […]


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Inoculant – Rhizobia Specific to Lupin Use the correct strain of rhizobia specific to lupin to ensure a healthy competitive crop soya, field pea, lentil and faba bean inoculant will not work on lupin require Bradyrhizobium sp (Lupinus) ensure uniform coverage and proper rate of the inoculum at the time of application check for nodulation […]


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A crop with the right plant populations and a narrower row spacing will compete better with weeds and maximize yield. The minimum target plant population for white lupin, Dieta, is 40 plants m-2 or 4 plants ft-2 or approximately 165 lbs acre-1 (185 kg ha-1). Do not stretch your acres – high plant populations will […]

Field Selection

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A soil test is absolutely necessary prior to growing lupins Responds well to moderate and high (not excessive), evenly consistent moisture throughout the growing season. Do not plant white lupin (L. albus) on soils > 7.8 pH, high CCE (Calcium Carbonate Equivalent) or salinity soils with less than 4 % organic matter /degraded knolls manured […]